Sunday, March 3, 2013


My Daily (Healthy) Diet Diary (Introduction)

At my lightest I weighed in at 165. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college did I weigh that low. Weight was never a real struggle for me. But it did cross my mind all the time. To look thin, be thin, wear a size 8 and not the average size 12. To wear a bathing suit and not feel uncomfortable.  I was so not accepting of my body that I even wore turtlenecks to Florida in the dead of summer. It wasn't until a large portion of my sophomore year of college brought a lot of heartache and tears did I loose a lot of the weight.

When I got pregnant with my first child I gained only 22 pounds. Not bad for a first pregnancy. And I lost it pretty quickly. But living in an unideal situation brought on a love of all the wrong things. A few moves and some unsettled times brought on added weight gain. Then I found out I was pregnant with Anabelle and with the outcome of her diagnosis gave me license to eat. She was not gaining so eating more was what I needed to do to help her. The downhill spiral started there and continued until the birth of my 5th child. Oliver gave me the NEED to start a long weight-loss journey that I needed to do. Not only for myself. But my family as well.

So its time! Its time to start trudging through the weight loss journey that I started more then 2 years ago. I felt so good when I started my journey in November 2010. I had a lot of energy, my spirits were up and I didn't seem to tire as easily. I watched what I ate. Eliminated the extra snacking and constant "grazing". I stopped drinking milk (my weakness) at every moment. I went for walks in the mornings before starting work and I read the labels on everything.

Since getting pregnant with Everly, it was almost a way "out" so to speak. Even though I continued to watch what I ate and exercised daily, I found that the weight was piling on. Even though I was always on the go. The more weight I gained the more I would "indulge" in all the things I had given up. Creating a cycle that I couldn't break away from.

Just before I got pregnant with Everly I weighed in at 180. The lowest I had been since getting pregnant with Olivia. Though not the lowest I was before getting pregnant with her. My pregnancy was a stressful time. With so much loss and death it was difficult to always deal with all the emotions I was going through and have people around me understand. Even 4 months later I still don't think those around me truly understand how I was feeling during my pregnancy.

So now its time to start back up. Take control and work against the struggles of over eating and indulging. Will it be easy? Nope. Will I break down? Sure will. But its a road I am willing to take and since I have very little control with how people treat me, the world around me and the things that happen. I do have control over this.

So continue with my journey. Help me with my goals. Encourage me. And hey, even give pointers and food ideas. I am on a mission. A mission of healthier eating! Wont you join me.

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