Monday, March 11, 2013

First Week

Finished up my first official week on my new healthy diet. First 10-16 days are always the hardest on me. Its not because of my love affair I have with sweets and salty foods. And having to give up (or drastically cut back on) them up. But because I give up drinking milk. I can normally drink a gallon every 2 days. So cutting it out of my daily drink of choice is pretty hard core. In another week or so I will bring it back slowly. Watch myself carefully. Buying skim milk. And enjoying it only once a day. I am thinking of killing two birds with one stone and making my favorite. Hot STARBUCKS "hot" chocolate. YUMMY!

Not to worry though. I am getting my dairy intake in other places. For instance my good old stand-by of cheese and yogurts. I am not a big cheese eater to begin with. So its not a guilty pleasure if I do eat it. And yogurt I have always loved. And its a good "treat" so to speak. I usually indulge in the expensive stuff too. I haven't yet eaten it since starting my diet. Only because yogurt is pretty expensive and I am waiting to hit up BJ's to pick it up. Double coupons should do the trick.

I am working hard and eating right. I am hoping to join a gym soon. Exercise is a great way to stay fit and loose weight. But its also a great way to energize my soul and get out of the house for an hour to just be with myself and my music. I take the kids out for a walk during the day if the weather is nice. But its not that easy when you have a 5 year old begging to go home. And a 2 and 3 year old wanting to leave as well.

Walking is my time to just let loose. Listen to music. Get in the "zone" so to speak. I have debating on getting a treadmill for the house or a gym membership. And with a lot of talk and thinking. I decided that this year a membership is better. It will give me a bit more freedom to use more equipment. And next year when we have a bigger house. We can finally entertain the idea of a treadmill.

So all in all first week was a success. March is flying by and pretty soon the weather is going to be warm and the leaves will be on the trees. The days are now getting longer and I can see myself gearing up for my morning walks in the neighborhood. So happy for springs arrival. This winter was brutal!

How did everyone else do?

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